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Your Invitation and Opportunity...

From February 11 – 15, 21CCSS members will be meeting in Cancun, Mexico. Just as our members are selected based on their innovation skills, we would like to invite you and your company to be one of the select few innovative industry partners to attend the meeting. Not only will you be participating in discussions with our member attendees on where they envision the future opportunities existing in cardiac surgery, but you’ll also be observing their presentations on new technologies and programs which they are developing. During the presentation time offered exclusively to our industry supporters, you will have the chance to showcase your new products and services, and get some of the most candid impressions from our 21CCSS thought leaders. While some refer to the meeting as a very successful and specialized focus group, others see it as a valuable opportunity to get feedback on their products from the perspective of where R&D investment monies should be allocated, and what strategies might work best in marketing the products in the healthcare system.

“This is the finest example of the CT surgical profession and industry working together that I have ever witnessed.”

- 21CCSS Guest Lecturer - Renown CT Surgeon

“The other CT surgical meetings have more bodies. The 21CCSS meeting has more opportunities for in-depth discussions which benefit my practice and my patients.”

- 21CCSS Member

“Each of the presentations we were so fortunate to attend this week felt like a mini University lecture to me. How wonderful it is to still feel that! New facts and ideas, progress reports and fresh challenges to stir our imagination.”

- 21CCSS Sponsor

Your Year-Round Medical Advisory Board...

With a willingness by 21CCSS members to work under a nondisclosure agreement, and apart from the other Scientific Partners, the 21CCSS Annual Meeting provides our industry council members and supporters with the benefits of a Medical Advisory Board, but without the additional expense of flying a group of expert cardiac surgeons to a central meeting location. An added benefit, and one which our past industry partners have found to be invaluable, our industry partners and 21CCSS members participate together in the entire 3 day meeting—providing the opportunity to network and interact with one another, and develop strategic partnerships and friendships which can last a lifetime

Become a Partner 


Alan Morasch, CAE

Association Executive Director

3606 SE 151 Court, Suite 540

Vancouver, WA 98683

360-859-4123 | 360-256-5597 (FAX)

Our Purpose…

Every February over Presidents Day weekend, a select group of 35 - 45 of the most forward-thinking and creative cardiac surgeons in North America and Europe gather for the Annual Meeting of the 21st Century Cardiothoracic Surgical Society (21CCSS). This group of select innovators in Cardiac Surgery has been meeting since 1995, with one primary purpose — “To shape the future of cardiac surgery.” The results of the Scientific Partnerships at this meeting have allowed this group and our industry partners to take cardiac surgery in new directions which benefits patients, providers and the overall healthcare system. 

Over the past 25 years, 21CCSS members have lead dozens of clinical studies, published thousands of papers in scientific journals, patented hundreds of new devices and procedures with their colleagues in medicine and industry, and delivered numerous TED talks. The results of the unique partnership has profoundly impacted the lives of patients, providers and healthcare delivery throughout the world.

Today, no organization in the world has a higher concentration of the field’s great innovators and thought leaders.


PO Box 55454

Portland, OR 97238


FAX - 360-256-5597

21CCSS is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization

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